Important Phone Numbers and Websites

Following are website addresses that will retrieve the Standards of Practice                   

There are many products on recall and some with class-action lawsuits.  Since this is beyond the scope of the inspection, we have included important phone numbers and web site addresses.           Consumer protection website

LP siding class action lawsuits                  Phone 800-245-2722

Masonite siding class-action settlement                 Phone 800-330-3722

EIFS – Discussion litigation – EIFS industry site

Weyerhauser Siding                     Phone 800-365-0697

Polybutylene Pipe – Consumer Plumbing Recovery Center                             Phone 800-392-7581

Plumbing Experts                             Phone 800-501-7703

Federal Pacific Electrical Panel  Then type in “Federal Pacfic Panel”

Siding Class Actions:

ABTCO/ABITI- Price     Boise Cascade   Georgia Pacific    Stimson    Omniwood/Woodruf    Macmill    Temple-Inland

Jefferson-Smurfit    Celotex    Macmillam/Bloedel